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I was inspired by author Eric Luper’s book drive for St. Anne Institute, a residential and therapeutic facility in Albany for at-risk girls ages 12 to 18.  After joining the Board, Eric requested a tour of the facility.  He was disappointed to see that the library was sparse and out-of-date.   Recognizing  literature’s power to change the lives of at-risk youth, he  requested donations from his author friends as well as the larger kidlit community.   So far his book drive has collected over 350 books from a variety of genres.  You can read about it and see a short news segment on his blog.

It got me thinking about what organizations could use the books that are on my bookshelves right now.   I give adult titles to the local library and my church for their yearly used-book sales and assumed I would do the same when my little Wild Thing outgrows his board books.   But now I think I’d like to donate them to an organization who will put them directly into the hands of a child with few books in the home.    Reach out and Read DC is seeking gently used children’s books.   While sadly many of my toddler’s books do not survive to be described as “gently used”, especially the “life the flap” variety, a few should make it relatively unscathed.  This could also make an excellent neighborhood or school project.

So where do you donate your used books?  What organizations are in need of gently used books?


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