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Cultivating a love of reading in my little Wild Thing has been one of my favorite aspects of parenting thus far.  In addition to sharing my love of reading and the written word with him, I have fallen back in love with picture books myself.  I never cease to be amazed at the creativity in storytelling and artwork in both the classic and newer picture book titles.  Another benefit is the rare snuggling time it affords us.   While my nephews all liked to cuddle after their naps, my guy jumps up and wants to play with whatever toy or book he was playing with prior to going into his crib.

This week, I decided to start a routine of going to the library every few weeks to load up on picture books.  While I have taken him to the library before, it was always a quick trip because of his tendency to rip every book off the shelf (this is also the reason I avoid taking him to play at the train table int Barnes and Noble’s kids section like most stay at home moms in my area).  But recently I discovered a library branch near me with a separate room (with a door!) for toddlers.  Pure genius!  The room is full of open bins of board books and puzzles.   As the books aren’t alphabetized, my little Wild Thing can take books out and pile them on the floor to his heart’s content  (of course I pick up after him before we go).  I love not having to shush him or quell his interest in each and every book.

Walking into the library yesterday morning, I practiced whispering with him and told him he could take out any book he wanted.  His response: a very loud “truck book!”   He explored the picture books until I felt we had maximized our quota of books pulled from the shelves with no intent of checking out, at which point I ushered him into the board book room and let him run free.   We left with three books on trucks, one train book, and one Dora the explorer book.   The remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to him holding the Dora book but insisting I read Tip, Tip,  Dig, Dig by Emma Garcia over and over.

I went to bed pretty proud of myself.   The little Wild Thing learned that the library had just the books he was looking for (lets hope he is always so easy to please as a generic ‘truck book’ request), he found new books he loves and I finally got a reprieve from the constant refrain of “watch Dora, watch Diego” that I hear every afternoon before dinner.

Fast forward to 5:45 this morning.   After the toddler wake up call, I tried to convince him to lie down in our bed with us, but nothing could deter him from Tip, Tip, Dig, Dig which I wound up reading roughly 25 times before my first cup of coffee.  Be careful what you wish for, indeed.


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